About Us

Catanach offers Exceptional General Construction & Consultation services that includes all Electrical and Plumbing solutions too!
We remodel your house into your dream home!

Living in the same home for years may start to feel dull and boring over time. We provide all construction services to readjust your home exactly the way you’d want it. We offer services in Santa Fe, NM including surrounding areas like, Espanola, NM and Las Vegas, NM. Our services stem from making you fall and remain in love with your home!

Our services are based entirely around our customer’s requirements and we can never seem to settle for anything less than complete, 100% customer satisfaction.


Exceptional, Skilled Services

Catanach has gathered over 40 valuable years of exceptional experience that has helped us develop and enhance our skills. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to offer unmatched and extraordinary home remodeling design ideas, specifically bathrooms and roof projects.

Plumbing Services


Electrical Services


Home Remodeling


We believe that Quality is based on the Authenticity & Legitimacy of Services

Working in the industry for so many years, inevitably granted us licenses for everything we do. We currently own licenses to GB98, EE98, and MM98, and are eligible to get any other license required for a construction related task.


our experts examines the project thoroughly to understand your requirements and provide you with an estimate costs.


After developing a whole construction and remodeling plan that we share it with our clients before starting off


After the designs are approved by our clients and the agreement is in place, we send our team ahead with the construction.